Online betting guide is here! For people who are new to online betting, understanding how it works can be something of a burden. The gaming industry is one not only rife with complicated language but also one in which there are many different ways to play. Professional gamers will be used to these things. However, those who have rarely played will not. As a result, new players sometimes feel like they are at a disadvantage, that they are way out of their depth.

Our betting guide is therefore aimed at people who do not understand many aspects of the industry. It will help you translate the common language you will find when you place a bet, understand the different types of bets you could place and know exactly what you are staking your money on, as well as how much you can expect to win. Tune in for the best football betting guide here!


Online Betting Glossary

Here are a few of the common words and phrases you will come across when you begin online betting:

Win: This is the most straightforward and most popular type of bet you can make. Simply, you bet your money on one of the opponents in a sports match to win. If they do, you will be rewarded based on how much money you staked on the result and what exactly the bookmaker’s odds were. If they do not, the bookmaker receives your money and you receive no reward.

Multiple (or an accumulator): In this type of bet, you do not merely predict one outcome from a sports match (e.g. that a team will win against their opponent). A multiple bet means that you stake your money on several events happening. To win, all of these events must take place. A ‘double’ means that you correctly estimate two events to take place (e.g. both Liverpool and Arsenal win their respective matches); a ‘treble’ means three things must happen to win (e.g. Liverpool, Arsenal and Swansea all win their respective matches); and a ‘fourfold’ is when you correctly guess that four things will occur (e.g. Liverpool, Arsenal, Swansea and Leicester City all win their respective matches). The more selections you make, the less likely it is that you will accurately guess them all. Therefore, the reward for a fourfold bet is much higher than it is for a double bet.

Place: Extremely popular for a sport such as horse racing, a place bet is when you predict a performer will finish within a predetermined number of positions. In horse racing, for instance, it might mean that the horse comes in first place, second place or third place. This increases your chances of winning if you are certain that your chosen horse will be at the front of the pack but you are unsure exactly where it will finish. In return for winning a place bet you will receive a fixed proportion from the odds.

Each-Way: This allows you to make two bets. One is a win bet and the other is a place bet. If you stake £25 each way you are betting £50 overall. The first half of your bet is predicting that someone will win while the other predicts that someone could instead finish in second or third place. Our online betting guide recommends that you carefully read the rules your bookmaker provides before placing an each-way bet. You should be certain about what you are placing your money on and how much you stand to win.

Football Betting Guide

Betting on a football match does not simply have to be about correctly guessing which team will win or accurately predicting the opponents will draw. Players can also bet on occurrences that will happen over the duration of a 90-minute game. Our online football betting guide has some useful information about what kind of circumstances you can stake your money on and what exactly each of them mean.

Over/under betting: One of the most popular forms of betting these days are over/unders. In this type of betting you predict whether the game will be a goal fest or a boring 0-0. The most common line for o/u is 2.5 goals. When 3 or more goals are scored, the “over” wins. When 2 or less goals are scored, the “under” wins. You can also predict the number of goals in live betting.

Half-time score: Do you reckon a team will start strong from the kick off? Or do you think the match will be a slow burner? As opposed to guessing the full time result of a football match, you can bet on what you predict the score will be at half time. Guessing the half time result can be surprisingly difficult because what happens in the opening 45 minutes may not always reflect what happens in the full game. It is, for instance, a safe bet that Manchester United would comfortably defeat Burnley. That does not necessarily mean, however, that they would score these goals in the opening half of a football match.

Betting on the goal-scorers: One of the most popular types of football betting is selecting who will score in the match. You can normally bet on the first player to score, the last player to score or choose the name of a player you think will score at any time in the game. If you are considering making this kind of gamble, a good tip we would suggest as part of this online betting guide is to look at each player’s scoring record for a team. Do not just investigate how many goals they have accumulated throughout the season. Also look at how many times they have successfully put the ball into the net of that particularly opponent. Some players will have a better record against certain teams.

Betting on both teams to score: Are you thinking the match will be a thrilling multi-goal contest? Or do you believe it could be a lifeless stalemate? Bookmakers regularly offer bets on whether or not both teams will score in a match. A simple yes or no estimation, this allows you to reap a reward in the event that the match ends 0-0 or there is not a single zero on the final scoreboard.