Looking for Free Bets No Deposit? Most online bookmakers will require you to make a small deposit into your account before you begin to make a bet. The majority will require you to then pay for every bet you make. However, certain digital bookmakers will allow you to place free bets no deposit required upon opening an account with them, such as Betway with their “bet £30, get £30 free bet” welcome offer for new players.


This is something you may encounter when you first consider registering with an online bookmaker. If you are fairly new to online betting, you might not entirely comprehend what it means not to be required to make a deposit. Nor, in fact, might you understand what a free bet actually entails. Our guide attempts to shine some light on what it really means when we say ‘free bets, no deposit’.

What does it mean to not have to make a deposit?

When you register for a bookmaker, new players usually need to put a small amount into their wallet to begin using the service. This will be your deposit, a set financial amount that acts as a first installment. Online bookmakers will have you make a deposit by using an appropriate and valid payment method, which can be your credit card, debit card or a digital transfer service such as Neteller. The exact amount depends on the bookmaker in question. Some will be as low as £5 while others minimum will be up to £20.

Even if it is only a small amount the bookies require, deposits encourage players to keep using their site. It is a method of persuading players to continue using the bookmaker for regular betting as opposed to just for a one-time game. If you have to deposit £20 in your wallet and only want to place a £10 bet, for example, you may be tempted to return to the bookie in order to make the most out of your deposit. This is especially the case if a player is lucky enough to win their first bet.

However, being asked to make a deposit is not always necessarily the case. A handful of bookmakers will allow players to begin betting with no deposit required. In short: you do not need to pay to play. You may be asked to enter a payment method as a form of confirmation, as well as giving the bookmakers a place to transfer the money in the event of a winning bet, but no money will be taken out of your account when you sign up.

What are free bets no deposit required?

While betting without a deposit is an appealing offer by itself, it is particularly tempting when that is coupled with the prospect of free bets. Together, these are known as free bets no deposit offers. The bookmakers are not only welcoming you to their service with no charge by providing this; they are letting you place your first bet with them for free too.

Very rarely does ‘free bets, no deposit’ mean you will have the chance to bet whatever amount of money you desire on any sports event. Do not think that you can use this to spend £100s worth of free money on a promising 6/1 bet. Usually, there will be some restrictions about how much you can bet and what you can bet your money on. A bookmaker may, for example, limit you to a £10 bet on certain matches like football, tennis, basketball or rugby. They may also confine you to betting on anything with odds of over 2.0.

If you do win, this success comes at no personal cost seeing as there is a free bet no deposit offer. The only people who will lose money in this scenario are the bookmakers. Be aware though that in the event you do win with your free bet, the amount you earn may not exceed the amount of money needed to have in your account to make a withdrawal. If you have a £10 free bet and stake it on a result with 2/1 odds, you will receive £20. That is a decent return for your first bet but you might only be able to withdraw the £20 after you have met the wagering requirements. The wagering minimums for each free bet offer can always be found in the offer’s Terms & Conditions.

The major upside of a free bet no deposit offer, however, is that it allows punters to get a taste of online gaming if they have never done it before. When you are an amateur with no experience of betting, it ensures you have a chance to practice. You may see how exciting betting can be, and you will have that luxury without losing a penny of your own cash. If you do lose, furthermore, it doesn’t matter; you can learn from your mistakes in the knowledge you have not dented your own wallet.

More information about free bets no deposit offers

Free bets with no deposits necessary are usually offers created to entice new players to a particular bookmaker. However, it has sometimes been used to encourage regular customers to try out a new service from their trusted bookmaker such as a mobile or tablet app. Punters considering taking advantage of a free bets no deposits offer should carefully read the terms and conditions.

Overall, not having to make a deposit when you open an online betting account, as well as being able to make your first bet for free, make for an attractive offer. It is a great opportunity to try out a new service, whether you are a novice making your first ever bet or a professional gambler browsing for a new bookie to play with.