Bet365 has taken the online betting world by storm. Their wide range of sports and leagues to bet on are second to none, and they live stream events unlike any company in the industry. You can catch a game from wherever in the world at any given daytime and of course they have live betting on each one of these games.

Bet365 bonus

Bet365 offers a sportsbook bonus up to £200. Your first deposit is matched up to two hundred quid, but you don’t have to put in the full amount if you’re playing with smaller amounts. The minimum deposit is £20.


Live betting at Bet365

Bet365 offers the best live betting opportunities out there. The smorgasbord of sports and leagues guarantee you’re going to find something to bet on at all times. Live streams from the Korean 2nd division to tennis tournaments around the world will keep your pulse high whenever you feel like it.

In live betting, you can naturally bet on the biggest sporting events and very marginal games as well. You can even bet the Finnish 2nd division footy live if you feel like it, something no other bookie can match.

Cash-out option at Bet365

At Bet365 you can also cash out your winnings if you think the game is going to turn around. You can use the cash-out option in live betting to avoid late game drama.

Strictly looking at a single game, we can’t endorse the cash-out mid-game but for psychological reasons it can be viable. If you’re the type to go on tilt because of a late goal, the cash-out can save you money to keep a clear head. But if you’re not easily shocked by a heartbreaker goal, then cashing out late in the game is usually monetarily negative prospect.

However, when you watch a game and can see the tide turning, if the odds don’t reflect the change you’ll better pounce quickly. Cash-out is a one-click solution for reacting quick, and it can be useful when watching a game.