Betting strategies are really important to understand, since betting is a game of chance. It is about predicting the outcome of an event no one knows before the final result. However, just because the essence of betting is about estimation, do not think that betting is merely a game of luck. Luck is certainly a factor in any bet, but your chances of staking your money on the correct option significantly increase by having betting strategies. Betting strategies allow you to ensure you are making the most of your bet, whether it is by carefully deciding how you spend your money or thoroughly investigating what it is exactly you are betting on. Most seasoned online players will tell you they have their own betting strategy, and while it may not always work, it is sure to amplify their chances of winning.

What are the best football betting strategies?

Do you have a football betting strategy? In theory, there is a 33.3% chance of one team winning a football match. After all, there are only three possible outcomes: a win, a loss or a draw. However, in practice, there is very rarely a 33% chance of a team winning because each side will have strengths or weaknesses that either makes them more or less likely to win. Determining these factors is what bookmakers do for a living; they analyze many different factors about a team to decide whether they have a greater or weaker chance of defeating the opposition. But it should not just be bookmakers who take this approach; online players looking to make successful football bets should do the same. Therefore, one of the best football strategies you can have is also the easiest: research. Here are a few things you should look into:

Keep up to date with the latest news about each team. Injuries, suspensions and international duties will inevitably hinder the likelihood of a team winning their next match. If two sides are equal opponents, for instance, but one loses their goalkeeper to injury and their star striker to the African Cup Of Nations, their chances of winning the aforementioned match become less equal. There are many outside factors that can affect a team’s performance too. If there is rumor that the team has a destructive relationship with its manager, this can cause the players to perform worse than normal – as we saw with the Jose Mourinho debacle in Chelsea in the 2015-16 season. It is crucial that online players keep abreast of all sporting news. Simple but effective betting strategies are to bookmark a few reliable sports news websites, flick through the sports pages of national newspapers and join a forum of likeminded football fans to stay informed about the latest happenings.

Investigate the results of previous fixtures. The results of previous fixtures between two teams are among the most telling information you can hope to gather before making a bet. History can tell you a lot about who will win when teams go head-to-head. If one has never lost against the other in five years of competition, they may be a safer bet to win. Furthermore, if one team has never won against another away from home, you probably shouldn’t stake your money in their direction when they perform at the opponent’s ground. This type of information is particularly important when you are considering placing a bet on an underdog. If, for example, they have a great home record against one of the top teams in the league, what initially seems like a risky bet could in fact score you a big return.

Look into the form of a team. One of the final football betting strategies that are crucial before you place a bet is researching the form of a team. There is the basic analysis you can do by looking at their last five matches and seeing how many they have won, drawn or lost. However, many other things can also determine form. You may be able to predict that a big team will be on poor form against their opponent if they are competing in tournaments and have already played several times that week. Exhaustion and fatigue will inevitably impact their performance.

Other things to remember when betting

There are other factors that players must keep in mind. One, of course, is to bet intelligently as opposed to emotionally. This is not just a good football betting strategy but a good betting strategy overall. It is fair to assume that bookmakers generate the majority of their profit from bets made by fans supporting their team, even though all the data suggests they won’t win. Even if you want your beloved team to beat their fiercest rivals on derby day, despite the fact it is their second game of the week and their manager has just been sacked, you should remember to place your bet with your head not your heart.

Players should also be careful as to how they implement the information they have learned about a teams’ form, history or other mitigating factors. You should not use this data to bet on every match but instead keep an eye out for the ones that offer low risk and high reward. If everything you know suggests that Chelsea has roughly a 3/1 chance of winning but your bookmaker has set odds of 5/1, the risk is definitely worth taking considering the potential reward.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is this: No betting strategy is fool proof. Sports games are full of unpredictability and no matter how much research, investigation and analysis you do into a particular fixture, an element of chance will always exist. Mistakes may be made on the day that no one could have predicted; teams may underperform in a way that no one expected; sometimes David beats Goliath. It is what makes sports so thrilling to watch – because occasionally Leicester City will win the Barclays Premier League, and because occasionally the undefeated Ronda Rousey will be knocked out in the second round. However, betting strategies like those listed here can generally help you determine who is the most appealing bet and what is the best way to place it.