With the news that Hector Bellerin is down for a month, what should we consider when betting on Arsenal games? Arsene Wenger needs to have another plan for in place for his forward charging right back.

1. Arsenal are worse going forward without Bellerin

We need to decrease Arsenal’s attacking prowess a bit for the time Bellerin is forced to miss games. The coveted fullback is the best in his position in the Premier League, and that’s something we need to take into account. The chap didn’t sign a £100k/week deal for nothing.

Bellerin’s pace allows him to go forward without missing a beat in his real job – defending. Bellerin’s recovery time from opposition’s end to his own is the best in the league among fullbacks, and it also allows right winger freer role going forward. Usually, with hard forward charging fullbacks, the wingers need to pick up the slack when the defenders can’t recover in time.

Therefore we have to slightly cut into Arsenal’s attacking potential, thus leaning more on the underish side of games for the time being. This is, of course, if the bookies don’t adjust. We already benefitted from this analysis over the weekend in the Manchester United-Arsenal game.

2. Arsenal’s attacks to advance more through left side of the pitch

With Bellerin out, the focus is more on the left side of the pitch when midfield maestros Santi Cazorla and Granit Xhaka look for options in the flanks. Of course, Mesut Ozil is still bossing the middle, but Alexis Sanchez may be moved to left now that Oliver Giroud is back and in fine form. Sanchez is excellent on the left when he’s allowed to cut inside to use his lethal right foot.

During Bellerin’s injury, remember to look for who’s the opposition’s right back. He will have his work cut out for him, especially if he’s a defensive liability to begin with.